Top 5 Household Cleaner Manufacturers

Which one is right for you?

Procter & Gamble brands include all-purpose cleaners (Mr. Clean), dishwasher detergents (Cascade), dishwashing liquids (Dawn), odor eliminators (Febreze), laundry products (Gain, Bounce, Ariel, Downy, Gain, Tide), paper towels (Bounty), and tools for sweeping, mopping, and dusting (Swiffer).

Henckel brands include products for laundry care (Persil, Purex, Snuggle, All), odor eliminators (Renuzit) and all-purpose cleaners (Soft Scrub).

Colgate-Palmolive brands include products for laundry care (Suavitel), all-purpose cleaners (Murphy Oil Soap, Ajax, Fabuloso) and dishwashing liquid (Palmolive Dish Soap).

The Clorox Company brands are all-purpose cleaners (Clorox, Scentiva, Pine-Sol, 409, Lestoil), disinfectants (Clorox, Scentiva, Pine-Sol), and mildew and stain removers that come in the form of wipes, sprays, mopping cloths, bleach, bathroom/toilet cleaners (ToiletWand, Tilex), laundry products (bleach, fabric sanitizers, Clorox2) powders, and gels.

Reckitt brands include multi-surface cleaners (Lysol), air fresheners (Air Wick), disinfectant products (Lysol), stain removers (Resolve), laundry detergents (Woolite), toilet bowl cleaners (Lysol), dishwashing liquid (finish Powerball), and oven cleaner (Easy-Off).

~This is not a complete list and contains products available to the US market.~

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